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ABF lubricant spray 
Lubricant for Socorex® syringes classic 167/187/287 

This high-quality ABF™ anti-corrosion lubricant is non-oily and antiadhesive, non-toxic and silicone-free. Apply a thin layer to the metal plunger of laboratory syringes effectively protects them against corrosion and instrument wear. It extends the life of the syringe which remains autoclavable.

The anti-corrosion lubricant ABF™ is supplied as 70 mL spray bottle and
500 mL bottles.


White oil for plunger O-ring 
Lubricant for Socorex® syringe ultra 1810

Quality paraffin white oil intended for use with self-refilling syringe ultra 1810. A small drop added at barrel entry facilitates plunger movement when fitted with O-ring. This reduces O-ring wear and extends syringe life span. The use of white oil does not prevent syringe ultra 1810 from being autoclaved. Oil is supplied in a 50 mL drop bottle.

Details to be found in the below material and safety data sheets (MSDS).


Autoclave at 121C Socorex Picto