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Service Center Introduction

Proper maintenance on liquid handling instruments guarantees trouble free, long term operation and best performance. Whatever the brand of your liquid handling instruments, we offer an appropriate maintenance solution.

Your Advantages

  • Know-how and high competence

    Based on a solid experience in manufacturing precision liquid handling instruments, the Socorex Service Team is highly acquainted with all metrology aspects of maintenance and calibration.
  • For all instrument brands

    The complete range of services apply to any models / any brands available on the market. Calibration is performed under respect of manufacturer’s tolerance values.
  • Broad programme, various service levels

    Whatever the service level required for your pipettes and dispensers, we offer an appropriate answer, including customised service plans.
  • Calibrations to ISO 8655 and ISO 17025 standards

    Regular instrument calibrations are performed based on ISO 8655 standards. On request, we perform accredited calibrations according to ISO 17025 standards. Measurements take in consideration uncertainties at all levels of the calibration process. As a result, user obtains real performance values within the published uncertainties determined by the Socorex laboratory.
  • Accredited calibration laboratories

    Accredited by SAS (Swiss Accreditation Services) of the Federal Office of Metrology, our laboratories perform calibrations in full compliance with ISO 17025 standards and deliver accredited certificates recognized internationally by ILAC member countries.
  • Personalized technical support

    Highly qualified personnel with broad product knowledge is at disposal for all technical matters. The team also provides professional trainings and solutions tailored to your needs.
  • State of the art facilities

    Ultra-modern laboratories. Permanent monitoring of critical environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc. All control devices and equipment are duly identified and certified.

  • Mastering metrology

    Understanding and mastering volumetric metrology is a must to offer reliable calibration services. We are able to monitor all parameters involved with calibration and to deliver a certificate in strict compliance with the ISO standards.

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