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Standards and Certifications

Our Service Center is operating under full respect of all current standards and regulations. Permanent supervision maintains high quality level and conformity to existing certifications.

Our Standards

  • ISO 8655

    Metrologic controls based on the ISO 8655 standards. Socorex applies manufacturer performance values for all instruments, which are narrower than those recommended in the ISO standards.

  • ISO 17025 - accreditation certificate

    When performing metrological controls under ISO 17025 standards, measurements take in consideration uncertainties at all levels of the calibration process. As a result, user obtains real performance values within the published uncertainties determined for our laboratory. The accredited certificate is a must for laboratories dealing with ISO 17025 procedures or when mastering uncertainties is required.
  • ILAC members

    Socorex QC laboratory is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Services (SAS) of the Federal Office of Metrology, a member of ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation). Calibrations done in full compliance with ISO 17025, delivered accredited certificates recognized internationally by ILAC member countries (
  • Certificate specimen

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