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03 Nov The important role of service in liquid handling instruments

Often overlooked, service on micropipettes and dispensers is crucial for the reliability of the results.

Precision volumetry - basic overview

Micropipettes and dispensers are precision volumetric instruments. When using them, laboratory workers expect an exact and reproducible distribution of the volume, as set on the instrument. This is the case with every new Socorex model, individually tested and supplied with a control certificate according to ISO 8655. However, after some time of use, fluctuations in performance due to external factors may occur and it is very important to rectify these as quickly as possible.

Importance of reliable service

A performance check is required at least once a year. Socorex offers different levels of service to ensure liquid handling instruments of all brands last a long time.

The qualified team at the Socorex Service Centre is highly trained in precision volumetry and can carry out maintenance and calibrations even with short timings.

Choosing the right service level

ISO 8655 standard provides the guidelines for the correct use and calibration of a plunger operated volumetric instrument. It describes the pipetting techniques and the parameters that must be observed for calibration (number of measurements, ambient temperature, humidity). This standard corresponds to a regular service level. The instruments are cleaned, repaired, and recalibrated within their manufacturer tolerances. This guarantees proper function until the next service and calibration.

The ISO 17025 standard goes deeper into the matter. It also considers the measurement uncertainties when calibrating an instrument and the effects of external factors (balance, thermometer, hygrometer, environment). This level of service is required by all accredited laboratories. The ISO 17025 calibration certificate is one of the documents of the laboratory, certified by an indépendant metrological organism and may be requested for verification during a quality audit.

Advantages of a service center for all brands, local and fast

At Socorex, companies meet highly qualified contact persons who know how to answer the most demanding questions quickly. The service centre in Ecublens (VD) takes care of micropipettes and dispensers of all brands. This allows customers to have their entire inventory of liquid handling instruments maintained centrally by one partner.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, various services can be realised flexibly and quickly. However, Socorex does not only apply its experience and competence through impeccable service. In addition to training and further education in correct pipetting at its customers' premises or at its company headquarters, Socorex also offer online webinars on its liquid handling instruments.


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