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26 May Contamination protection and instrument sterilization

How Socorex deals with contamination and sterilization, both topics being more actual than ever.

 Following the acute virus outbreak, strict personnel hygiene and social distancing proved to be most important to guarantee adequate protection of individuals, family members, neighbors, colleagues and to stop contamination spread.

Hygiene and safety protection are part of the frame for laboratories working in sterile environment. They know how critical a contamination could affect their work or research. Apart from the personnel itself, contamination sources may also originate from instrumentation and consumables. As a protection, autoclaving with steam, at 121°C/250°F is an easy and efficient sterilization process.

 Socorex’s program includes a wide range of fully autoclavable laboratory pipettes (micropipettes, macropipettes and multichannel pipettes) and dispensers (compact, bottle-top). Consumables consist of a large selection of sterile pipette tips, reservoirs and bioproof™ repeater syringes.

To ensure proper autoclavability while maintaining high instrument reliability, Socorex always carefully consider following aspects in the instrument conception:

Selection of adequate materials to minimize heat impact and its possible consequences such as parts misshaping, weakening, and possible breakage.

Mechanical design because heat exposure leads to material expansion. Components should not be affected to limit impact on instrument performance.

 Part accessibility enabling careful cleaning prior to autoclaving. Simple construction, few well connected parts easy to disassemble facilitate maintenance.

Supporting in-lab sterilization, Socorex recommends the use of its Qualitix® self-sealing sterilization pouches. They offer optimal, lasting biological protection of devices and other contents, as long as pouch remains intact and sealed. Pouches work with steam and ethylene oxide (EO).

For laboratories requiring cleaning and disinfection service from Socorex, this option is available against a minor surcharge. New or serviced Socorex instruments are autoclaved at the factory prior delivery. But this does not relieve laboratories from the obligation to decontaminate instruments shipped to Socorex for service.

Laboratory personnel safety is a top priority to the Socorex team, working harder than ever to bring its contribution in these difficult pandemic times.



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