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15 Mar Socorex is expanding its calibration capabilities

In recent years, the demand for precision instrument calibration has significantly increased. Because of this, Socorex decided to reinforce its position as a first-class service provider and enlarged its accredited repair and calibration laboratory in the Ecublens manufacturing plant. The service is available worldwide, with a special focus on the local Swiss market.

In this brand-new facility, Socorex’s dedicated team of highly skilled experts will continue to take care of your micropipettes and dispensers regardless the brand. As a customer, you will not only benefit from having a single provider for your complete liquid handling inventory according to the latest industry standards, but also customize your services to best meet your needs.

State of the art service for your instruments since 2005

  • Calibration service according to revised ISO 8655:2022 standard
  • Enlarged ISO 17025 accredited laboratory premises with experienced personnel
  • Quick and comprehensive services - Service Express as fast as 48 hours (excl. transportation)
  • Issuing electronic certificates upon customer request
  • Available for all brands of micropipettes and dispensers

Why is it important to regularly calibrate your liquid handling devices?

Micropipettes and dispensers are precision dosing instruments often involved in many analytical processes. With time and use, instrument performance may diminish and lead to systematic errors without visible warnings. Regular service will detect these deviations and spare you from a lot of headaches. Read more on this topic in this short article.

What is the difference between ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 standards?

ISO 17025 standard is the reference document outlining general requirements for the calibration laboratories to demonstrate their professional skills, increasing confidence in the calibration certificates they issue worldwide. The standard provides specific guidance to ensure that the management system of the laboratory meets high integrity, quality, and metrological levels. With the ISO 17025 accreditation, calibration laboratories prove that they perform the services competently and deliver reliable and traceable measurement results, which is of paramount importance for customers and users in the laboratory field.

ISO 8655 standard family provides very detailed procedures of how calibration of a piston-operated volumetric apparatus (POVA) such as piston pipettes, piston burettes, dilutors, and dispensers, should be performed, and which minimal performance requirements must be met. Adhering to the requirements of ISO 8655, ensures that calibration procedures are well-defined, standardized, and capable of producing accurate and reliable results. This, in turn, contributes to the overall quality and reliability of laboratory measurements using such apparatus.

At Socorex, the calibration service is performed according to the latest ISO 8655:2022 in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

Socorex Service Center - 360° care program

Are the pipette tips not holding to the pipette as they used to? Was your precious dispenser accidentally kicked over and now the glass barrel is broken? No matter how robust the instrument is, repeated use leads to wear of its components. All those issues can be addressed and repaired efficiently and with minimal downtime at the Socorex Service Center. Have a look at the dedicated web page for a complete overview of the various levels of repair, calibration and training services on offer.


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